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April 12, 2017

Easter Hunt

When asked for my number1 Holiday, I’ll immediately crown Christmas. – However, if I get a few seconds to reconsider, Easter is a rea-aaaálly close second. (Shared 1st place?!) When I was younger I never entered an Easter hunt, and now that I’m older I don’t wanna do just any Easter hunt… Thé celebration of Spring, deserves something special – SO, instead of searching for eggs, we head out to search for mini bunnies and confetti!

How To Make Your Own Easter Confetti Bottles

Supplies Needed:
Mini Glass Cork Bottles
Colored Paper
Circle Puncher
Chain + Closure Piece

1. Swirl the eyescrew into the top of the cork.
2. Use the puncher to create the circle confetti pieces.
For the swirling confetti: cut small stripes of paper and twirl them around a skewer.
3. Fill the bottle with confetti pieces.
4. Push the cork back onto the bottle.
6. Thread the chain through the eyescrew, close the loop with the closure piece.

As someone who’s never been to an Easter hunt – Hosting one was SO much fun! I love hiding snippets and seeing how others find them. (Kids reactions are 99% better!) And… When you’ve found all of them, you can recycle them by spreading them a second time, and surprising strangers!

Earlier I said I didn’t wanna do just another Easter hunt… But thé idea of hiding painted eggs does get me enthusiastic. (And I haven’t painted Easter eggs in YEARS!). So, Maybe next year?!

Are you doing an Easter Hunt?

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