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January 2, 2017

23 and never been to an wellness-centre. That’s me! Or better said: That WAS me. Recently however I got the chance to spend a day at Thermen Bussloo, and it might have been the pérfect timing  (just-before-christmas); but I’ve definitely started appreciating ‘mind & body wellness’ more… And, in taking baby-steps on my way to create daily wellness rituals, one of my first focus points were finding AND making natural beauty products… Vanilla Bath Salt for example.

How To Make Your Own Vanilla Bath Salt

Supplies Needed:
Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt
Vanilla Scented Essential Oil
Mini Cork Bottles (or jars)

1. Use a bowl to measure how much salt you’d like to turn into bath salt.
2. Add a drip of the essential oil (don’t add to much at once, you can always add more later!)
3. Stir the salt and keep adding oil until you’re satisfied with the smell.
4. Fill the mini bottles with the bath salt.

If you wanna make it a gift-item, you could add a few flower petals to the bath salt.

Looking back through photos of Thermen, I’m reminded how hard it is to tell you how relaxing the place really is. I seriously wanted to take the darkblue-sparkling ceiling home with me! Not all sauna’s are going to be your cup-of-tea but there are SO MANY to chose from, you won’t even know you’ve skipped one of two…

I came back, ready to fully engulf myself in the Holiday season. And as I type, I’m struggling with a bad cold – and yearning for the Finnish sauna or one of the whirlpools.

Have you ever been to an Wellness Resort?
While this is an collaboration with Thermen Bussloo, the opinions are all mine!

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