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April 5, 2017

I have 10s of magnifying glasses lying around (you know, ’cause of ‘BookCharms’) and I suddenly realized that they would be SO cute as thé sort-of modern version slash replacement of the old-fashioned pocket watch… It is shockingly easy, finding the materials online was harder than assembling it, and if you don’t like magnifying glasses hanging from your jeans (WHAT?!), you can use literally any other charms. 

How To Make Your Own Pocket Chain Magnifying Glass?

Pocket Chain
Mini Magnifying Glass

1. If the glass is attached to a necklace, you might want to use the pincers to get it off.
2. Most pocket chains have a simple opening, where you just slide the magnifying glass on.
3. If however, your pocket chain has a ring, you need to use the pincers again: bend one ending of the ring slightly to the left and slide the glass on, than close the ring as it was.

It only took 4 trips to the nearby forest to get these photos right. (And it wasn’t at all because of ridiculous perfectionism…) So a massive thanks to my BF, who didn’t complain when I wanted him to spend his one free day being a model – but it was SO worth it!

There must be some weird type of irony in this, cause after posting last weeks book review (where I spoke of ‘feeling like Sherlock Holmes’) I now relate to Sherlock Holmes even more! NOTHING GET’S AWAY FROM ME NOW!

What’s your favorite piece of vintage jewelry?

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