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March 16, 2017

Can we please all vow to say ‘NO’ to plain gift wrapping this year? I know. I know. It would take far less time if you’d just let the shop assistants wrap your presents, but there is something special about creating it yourself. – and gorgeously wrapped presents are such an practical, (cute) idea to spread some beauty… Below i’ve written the steps I take to create thé perfect details, with unique bits and bobs. 


Which Details Match Which Wrapping Paper?
Whoo! Say that 10 times fast. – Step one, is finding the perfect combination of wrapping paper + decorations. You might LOVE using patterned paper, and if you do, please remember that patterns are decorations of itself.
Option two is the classic brown parcel paper. This wrapping style requires ribbons, glitter and bows – but it’s also a bit more work!

Ribbons & Bows.
Ribbon has to be a staple piece, – it requires no skills, costs little time and it almost always looks pretty damn perfect. I ALWAYS accessorise my gifts with ribbon. But. If you feel like just ribbon is a bit too plain, than let’s jazz it up… How about combining multiple ribbons?

Write A Personal Note.
Again, this requires no skills and costs you little time. (Unless you are like me, and will doubt what to write for the next 45 minutes.) But it adds such a nice personal touch to the gift.
You could add a card by putting in on the wrapped gifts, BEFORE you wrap the ribbon around it. Or you could use slightly smaller labels, which you could just thread to the ribbon itself.


Beads & Charms.
Guys, I feel a responsibility to warn you – adding charms to your gift wrapping is addictive! Once you start paying attention to cute beads… THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.
But your gifts will look marvelous, and 100% unique, so I’ll promise it’s worth it!

Screws, Studs, Springs.
I know what you’re thinking,- I have actually thought it myself – but you’ll love using screws, bolts, studs and anything else you can find in a toolbox. Except, you know.. real tools.
These details work especially well for the man in your life!

Plants Or Flowers.
Ok. This might sounds a little weird-ish. Let me explain: snip of a little leaf or flower from the garden and use string or tape to attach it to the gift. A bit of greenery adds a certain something special to the present…
Oh, and if it’s a Christmas gift, than DEFINITELY snip a bit of a Christmas tree!

The trick to gift wrapping is to make it FUN. – Cover the whole diner table with ribbons, charms, bolts, paper, scissors, glitter, masking tape, pens, screws, labels, buttons, springs, beads, etc.

These gift wrappings for example, were only made for the photos. Nevertheless I’ve spend a whole afternoon crafting them! – I love trying new color combinations, adding a few extra bits and I’d love to know how you wrap your gifts.

How much time do you spend on wrapping gifts?

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