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March 16, 2017

Can we please all vow to say ‘NO’ to plain gift wrapping this year? I know. I know. It would take far less time if you’d just let the shop assistants wrap your presents, but there is something special about creating it yourself. – and gorgeously wrapped presents are such an practical, (cute) idea to spread some beauty… Below i’ve written the steps I take to create thé perfect details, with unique bits and bobs. 

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January 2, 2017

23 and never been to an wellness-centre. That’s me! Or better said: That WAS me. Recently however I got the chance to spend a day at Thermen Bussloo, and it might have been the pérfect timing  (just-before-christmas); but I’ve definitely started appreciating ‘mind & body wellness’ more… And, in taking baby-steps on my way to create daily wellness rituals, one of my first focus points were finding AND making natural beauty products… Vanilla Bath Salt for example.

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