Books have always been a big part of WM, so the idea for my own bookmark collection felt like a natural fit. – I’m so-oooó excited to announce BookCharms; WM’s handmade metal bookmark collection.

The idea for BookCharms came quite natural to me: 1+1=2.  I adore books. I adore charms/beads, so I couldn’t think of a better theme to start with than one built out of combining the love for those two.

– Bookmark length is approximately 11,5 cm.
– The length of the gold chain varies with every bookmark
– All bookmarks are bronze, with a pattern of butterflies and flowers.
– Colours might slightly differ from their photos, depending on monotor settings.


– Items will be shipped in 3 workdays – Arrival varies between countries, it’ll usually take 10/15 days.
– I ship all bookmarks in bubble wrap, to secure their quality.
– Orders will ship via PostNL
– Shipping Costs will be negotiable, depending on Track&Trace codes and countries.

If you’re interested in any of the designs (or have any special requests!), please send me an email! – I’ll usually respond in less than 24 hours.