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November 29, 2015

Christmas Traditions

We LOVE our christmas traditions, especially me. We always try and add a few, simple, twists to our childhood traditions, and start our own traditions in that way! I got so inspired by StudioDIY’s blogpost about Holiday traditions, that I decided to share my own: the ones that we can’t let go and the ones that we start again this year: with a little twist! And please share yours in the comments!

November 22, 2015

Christmas Cotton Candy

I know. I know… There have been a lot of candy related blogposts recently. I am so sorry if you’re not a treats lover, I promise that the next post will be something completely different. But for now, I couldn’t not share my new found love of homemade cotton candy. Especially not combined with my love for Christmas. ‘Cause it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas! (See what I did there?!) 

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November 16, 2015

Sprinkle Hot Chocolate

In summer I seem to forget how much I love hot chocolates. I’m too busy drinking cocktails, to think about this delicious warm drink. But I do love it. Very much. And so I can’t not do any hot chocolate recipes. Although I doubt if this is a real, proper, recipe. My favourite is quite easy. Quite simple. But cute and delicious nonetheless! 

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November 10, 2015

They have always been there. I just never noticed them. Waffles. I have only ever eaten them on days out, never bought them at the grocery store. Horrible, ’cause waffles are the perfect party dessert… Luckily the light in my head went on and as soon as the waffles were in my shopping cart,  I had this crazy brilliant idea! Sundae Dessert Waffles. Chocolate, Sprinkles and Whipped Cream make the perfect dessert right?! 

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November 4, 2015

Vanilla Pillow Mist

A short while ago, I discovered the wonder that’s called; Pillow Mist. Ofcourse through PinterestAnd I fell in love immediately. The idea of a pillow that’s smelled great, YES PLEASE. I began searching the possibility of making my own.. and there were a bunch of DIY options. I chose for the easiest one, the one without a lot of hard-to-find ingredients, and with my favorite scent: Vanilla. 

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October 30, 2015

DIY Halloween Skull Rings

The last Halloween DIY of 2015. It has to be a good one! These skull rings are not only that, they are also perfect as last-minute detail to your costume, or outfit. I might not be wearing a costume this year, that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna celebrate. I do. So, let’s get started on these skull rings, to make sure I will have some sort of direct connection to Halloween.

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October 26, 2015

Ultimate Apple Tasting Party

I have been so busy with Halloween projects, that I completely forgot about Autumn. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. I know. Autumn definitely deserves some attention. So, to make up for my lack of Autumn projects… a little spotlight on one of my favourite Autumn treats. Apples. We all know how delicious and sweet wine tasting parties can be… Why not with apples? You could add the wine ofcourse.. 

October 23, 2015

DIY Sundae Ice Cream

Oh gosh! I have neglected the pumpkin during Halloween season. I AM SO SORRY. This had to stop immediately, so here is my first pumpkin DIY. I have no experience with pumpkin crafting, so I decided on an easy painting project. Carving maybe next year?! Dare I say that I really like the result? Yes, I do! I really like the result! My sundae pumpkin is cute, but non-edible. 

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October 17, 2015

Halloween Entertainment

I have never made this a secret… I am quite easily scared. No matter how much I love Halloween DIYs, some Halloween decorations really creep me out! And I really can’t watch any horror or thriller films, nor read any scary books. And I am probably not the only one. I am not.. right?! Please tell me I am not! This Halloween entertainment is for all of us! The easily scared ones. Because there is enough entertainment to enjoy during Halloween time! Without any fear.

October 13, 2015

DIY Halloween

Last year I created Monsters In Bottles. Still one of my favourite projects. So, I kinda had to bring them back this year… In a practical shape. This year we collaborated with Promtimes.co.uk  and made these monsters  colourful, fun and wearable! Because you can’t show up to a Halloween party in just a Halloween-styled dress.. You need a matching Halloween necklace. Duh!

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