July 22, 2014

No crafting post today but a small, or rather gigantic, personal update. In the coming month of August I will be going through some huge changes in my life, and I wanted too share the things going on in my life before they are actually happening. You all know that I live in The Netherlands, but in August that will no longer be the case. I will be living in Cambridge, England for a year.

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July 18, 2014

The weather in The Netherlands is crazy the last couple of days. 30 degrees and counting. I’m not a big fan of this kind of heat, but there are always positive sides. You can eat the newest ice cream flavours, wear dresses without leggins and get a natural tan. These ice cream tattoos are my positive side to this heatwave, they are colorful, fun and they will never melt!

July 14, 2014

You know me, and you all know how much I love parties and sparkle. So when I found out that the next couple of days are going to be very sunny around here; I wanted to make a few little craft details to show me love for the summer and the sun. And what do you use more on a lovely summer days, then a glass of fresh, cold lemonade.

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July 2, 2014

Lately I have some fancy events on my schedule, what means that I took the oppertunity to shop for some new, fancy, evening dresses. I found the most adorable ones online, but I needed a little something to make the outfit my own. Something persona and a little uniquel. And what says personal more, than a homemade necklace.

June 29, 2014

I love fresh drinks and I love them even more when they have some decorations in them, like umbrella’s or colorful straws. In the summer I love putting ice cubes in my drinks, and now I can combine the decorations with the refreshing ice cubes, by taking my favorite party supply: confetti.

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June 22, 2014

Whenever I got asked: ‘Why aren’t you going out to clubs’, I always got somewhat embarrassed because I just didn’t know. I tried going out a few times, but it just never got me the excitement or energy that I saw on the other people. The excitement they got from dancing in crowds and screaming in eachothers ears, I seemed to get from reading a book at home. I felt left out a lot, that’s the reason I really tried to be an club-kinda person, but I couldn’t help but feel horrible in those settings. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t enjoy what everybody around me seemed to enjoy. 
Until I heard about the difference between introvert and extravert people. A difference that made me see that I wasn’t crazy or weird, and that I was not the only one. 

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June 10, 2014

I don’t know how other countries handle the World Cup pressure, but here in The Netherlands it’s football everywhere. Shops and streets are filled with Orange flags and candy. And although I don’t really love football, I do love a reason to make a party. And a reason to fill the air with confetti.

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June 1, 2014

I have never done a film review on this blog, but I can’t resist doing one on this amazing film. You probably all have heard of Seth Macfarlane, the creator of Family Guy, and the writer, producer and the staring lead in A Million Ways To Die In The West. A new Western film with a lot of crazy jokes.

May 27, 2014

Normally I always review the last two books I have read in one article, but this book is something different. And it deserves an article all by itself.

May 20, 2014

Working with children will make you fall in love with colors and magicsticks all over again. Children can get their own, maybe even make their own. Imagine all these colors waving through the air. You can even customize the colors to the theme of your personal party. It sure will brighten your party and make the children very cheerful.

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