December 22, 2014

Only a few days left before Christmas finally hits! Which means that I hope you’ve been good this year, because Santa has his naughty-list all done by now. I thought about making one myself, but because it’s almost Christmas and we are all in very festive and positive moods… I decided to make a goodlist instead… For all you sweet little monkeys out there!

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December 15, 2014

Whether you are spending Christmas in your pj’s in front of the tv, or throwing a big-ass Christmas Party; cocktails always make a celebration festive! Two Christmas cocktails, one especially for children and one perfect for fancy adult-glasses, with a refreshing taste and ready in less than five minutes. Non-Alcoholic ofcourse, because no-one likes a drunken ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ karaoke. 

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December 9, 2014

I am loving the non-traditional christmas vibe that spreads around the DIY blogs this year! No more boring trees filled with only balls this year, we are going on a glitter, fizz and jingly tour through Holiday season. These Christmas lucky dolls fit perfectly within a non-traditional Christmas household and are perfect for treedecorations, giftwrapping and even stocking stuffers!

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December 1, 2014

Rings seem to be my go-to accessory this holiday season. And to make these small accessoires noticeable I am trying to think outside of the typical christmas-box. With these  jingly rings your plans for christmas, whatever they are,  cannot fail.

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November 25, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, I have started to collect some not-so-traditional decorations for the house. Ofcourse we will have a huge christmas tree (Literally can’t wait to put it up!) but this year I have been dying to try some new creative decoration pieces and look further than the wreaths, garlands and fairylights. And when that’s what you’re doing, magnets are never far away. 

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November 19, 2014

It was hard to wait this long but we’re half through November, so I think it’s time to start some festive DIY projects. I am a huge candy cane lover, so it wasn’t that hard when I needed to choose a first Christmas DIY for this year. Looking a bit further than the usual wreaths, ornaments and garlands, I came up with these wonderful candy cane rings. Amazing for every Christmas dinner hostess this year!

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November 11, 2014

Phew! The last couple of days have been quite the rough road. Being busy and having quite a long to-do list always seems to pair up with feeling poorly. Luckily the last days I have been feeling more myself again, and being able to get my mind around a few crazy colorful DIY’s. One of which I’ll show you right now.. my lovely bunch of balloon flowers.

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November 4, 2014


A little while back IKEA came out with their own papershop; a department filled with the best of the best for giftwrapping. Since the start of this new collection I got a few questions from readers about what to do with the  colorful honeycombs. So I went and picked some up, because they are too cute to leave but if you buy them you should have inspiration to use these lovelies, shouldn’t you?

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October 28, 2014

In The Netherlands we don’t celebrate Halloween, which means I don’t have to feel afraid walking the streets but it also means that we won’t get the chance to dress-up in the great costums you see on every DIY blog right now.  Luckily I did make some amazing decorations which will, at least, make our house a bit Halloweeny this year.

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October 20, 2014

If there is any holiday I miss here it’s definitely  Halloween. The bigger cities in The Netherlands celebrate it, but unfortunately I don’t live in one of them… That means I never get to see dressed-up children at my doorstep and I never get to give candy out… BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t allow myself the priviledge to buy sweets and create small trick-or-treat monsters. If children don’t want them… I’ll eat them myself!

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