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January 28, 2015

It’s been quite a while since I last spoke about my anxiety, but a lot of stuff happend during that time. I have put mayor steps in the right direction, but I’ve found out living with anxiety comes with two steppes forward, one step back A LOT! One of the biggest steps was finding out my actual diagnose (a type of anxiety) and wanted to share what I have learned about all these hard words (cause there are a LOT of hard words in psychology!)

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January 20, 2015

Oh Wow! I honestly doubted if I should put this project up right now. Three jewelry/flowery DIYs in a row… tell me: are you already tired of them? The reason I eventually decided to press the PUBLISH button is: I like them so damn much! I just can’t help myself!

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January 14, 2015

Disney is one of my biggest, and favorite, inspirations. A lot of my DIY projects come to me while watching a Disney film and this time I was watching Junglebook. Y’all know that since my last DIY I am loving flowery projects and seeing Jungletrees and leaves was all it took for me to come up with a new nature styled DIY.

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January 7, 2015

As a woman, there are only a few things that can make you as happy as fresh flowers can, but yet I never created anything using these little bundles of joy! I figured the first post of 2015 would be the perfect occassion to change that, and what says “charming, sweet and pretty” more than a fresh, lady-like corsage.


Supplies needed:
– Fresh Flowers
– Green leaves
– Wire
– Scissors

How to make:
1. Measure the wire around your wrist and cut a few inches longer than needed.
2. Cut the stems completely off the flowers.
3. Bend one ending of the wire inside (so it makes a little loop)
4. Thread the wire through the bottom of the flowers.
5. Attach a few leaves in between the different flowers you are using.
6. Bend the other ending of the wire into a loop as well (they will now fit into eachother to close the corsage)
You are a real flowergirl!

This project made me scream for more flowers on WritingMonique. I love the vibe they bring to the creative space, they cheer up my mood and I love how this first project turned out. It just seems perfect for a summer gardenparty..

 Just imagine: a beautiful day… delicious cocktails.. the best music…

A-line V-neck Chiffon Tea-length Sage Pleating Bridesmaid Dresses #01012032  A-line Sweetheart Chiffon Knee-length Green Pleating Bridesmaid Dresses #02042133  A-line V-neck Chiffon Knee-length Watermelon Pleating Bridesmaid Dresses #02022816  A-line Bateau Chiffon Knee-length Pink Pleating Bridesmaid Dresses #02013632

.. one of these beautiful prom dresses and the beautiful corsage around your wrist.

I am going to wrap this blogpost up now (it’s one of my longest ones, so far!), but how about these beautiful dresses right? I can’t even say how many incredible online websites  I have found since starting this blog. These dresses make me, seriously, want to throw away all my sweats and just live in these gorgeous materials!

Did you ever get to wear a corsage?
This is a sponsored blogpost. All opinions are my own.

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December 29, 2014

2014 was a year filled with confetti. A lot of my favorite projects were made with a lot of colorful sprinkels and I have no doubt that the same will happen in 2015! So, I didn’t need a long time to think about my final blogpost for 2014; that could only be a post filled with special New Years Confetti!

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December 22, 2014

Only a few days left before Christmas finally hits! Which means that I hope you’ve been good this year, because Santa has his naughty-list all done by now. I thought about making one myself, but because it’s almost Christmas and we are all in very festive and positive moods… I decided to make a goodlist instead… For all you sweet little monkeys out there!

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December 15, 2014

Whether you are spending Christmas in your pj’s in front of the tv, or throwing a big-ass Christmas Party; cocktails always make a celebration festive! Two Christmas cocktails, one especially for children and one perfect for fancy adult-glasses, with a refreshing taste and ready in less than five minutes. Non-Alcoholic ofcourse, because no-one likes a drunken ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ karaoke. 

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December 9, 2014

I am loving the non-traditional christmas vibe that spreads around the DIY blogs this year! No more boring trees filled with only balls this year, we are going on a glitter, fizz and jingly tour through Holiday season. These Christmas lucky dolls fit perfectly within a non-traditional Christmas household and are perfect for treedecorations, giftwrapping and even stocking stuffers!

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December 1, 2014

Rings seem to be my go-to accessory this holiday season. And to make these small accessoires noticeable I am trying to think outside of the typical christmas-box. With these  jingly rings your plans for christmas, whatever they are,  cannot fail.

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November 25, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, I have started to collect some not-so-traditional decorations for the house. Ofcourse we will have a huge christmas tree (Literally can’t wait to put it up!) but this year I have been dying to try some new creative decoration pieces and look further than the wreaths, garlands and fairylights. And when that’s what you’re doing, magnets are never far away. 

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